The Resource Availability Conference 2017 is Veolia Institute's 10th International Conference, organised with The Oxford Martin School.


The Oxford Martin School

The Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford is a world-leading centre of pioneering research that addresses global challenges. The School invests in research that cuts across disciplines to tackle a wide range of issues including climate change, disease, cyber threats, and inequality. The School supports novel, high risk and multidisciplinary projects that may not fit within conventional funding channels, but which could dramatically improve the wellbeing of this and future generations.

Established in 2005 through the generosity and vision of Dr. James Martin, the School provides academics with the time, space, and means to work collaboratively and to engage policymakers, business people, and the general public. To quality for School support, the research must be of the highest academic caliber, tackle issues of a global scale, have a real impact beyond academia, and could not have been undertaken without the School's support. All research teams are based within the University of Oxford. In the School's first decade, more than 500 researchers have worked on 45 research programmes, from ageing to vaccines. 

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