The Resource Availability Conference 2017 is Veolia Institute's 10th International Conference, organised with The Oxford Martin School.


The Veolia Institute

The Veolia Institute is a non-profit organization under French law, created in 2001 by the company Veolia. It operates as an independent environmental think-tank, promoting foresight reflection and providing an international platform for sharing state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and best field practices on sustainable development. Dedicated to encouraging long-term thinking and to anticipating the trends that will mark the society-environment interaction in the mid and long-terms, the Institute works systematically in partnership with pluridisciplinary networks of scientists and development practitioners in order to fulfil its goals. Acting as facilitator among interdisciplinary communities and catalyst of innovative reflection, the programme of international conferences organized since 2004 synthesizes the mission of the Institute: to identify emerging challenges of sustainable development, to raise public awareness and to inform decision-making.

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